One reason that we moved from the WordPress site to our own was ads. We have more to manage, but we’re moving forward. Expect a boost in performance sometime in the near future.

I had some posts on GitHub and have been using it for 76 days. I am about to start some projects with regard to improvement of our site, to applying data science with constraints, discussing the ‘real’ American Dream, and more.

Notice, the main theme? Content versus configuration. This pair exists at all levels, one might even use spiral without error. So, at the top, content is way far from the computer. That is one bugaboo about AI. It’s existence has very little comparability with what a smart human can do.

But, we have content at the lower levels (or below the floor) as every state has a meta view. Too, we don’t know the bottom limits, but now it’s dealing with hardware and physics.

Configuration is technical, even if in the upper realms. By history, the upper crusts had a slew of workers. Or, the boss with his secretar(y)(ies). They handled the work. He/she postured (wait, lots to explain there).

I have found both content and configuration handled on GitHub. Not really surprising, though, being technical, my thoughts went more to the technical, as in, handling code and other matters not of interest to the users or the bosses.

So, on our minimal site, there are extensions pending. Roll your own. After some steps forward, we might consider an off-the-shelf if it can undergo extreme scrutiny.

I am at a transition point where within a few days I will have the ‘content’ requirements (for the time being) so that I can concentrate on the below-the-floor necessities.

Yesterday, I went through a content process quite quickly as I have been through it several times while watching what I do. It was almost by habit. Oh, I know, it’s dependent upon me. Yes, we will get it described. The mechanism for setting up those processes and controls for that is on the table, to boot.

For non-profit, pro-bono work, I sure put in a lot of hours. My spouse jokes of being a widow.

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