There are several. We have the focus of Thomas Gardner and his times as the overarching framework. This deals, specifically, with the American dream using 1623/24 as the reflection point wherein we deal with before that point and after.

Example of after? Last month, we were looking at several topics related to events of the Revolution (another pivotal point) and the western expansion after that. We’ll do a timeline, at some point, as the 400th nears, but, then, there will be concurrent 300ths, 200ths, and 100ths. That last, of course, deals with the times of our Dr. Frank.

Example of before? We have used WikiTree for documenting the heritage of people that we study. For instance, Julia Ward Howe came up since she pinned the Battle Hymn of the Republic and since we had spent time around Memorial Day (honoring, firstly, the Civil War losses) and the 4th of July (more than firecrackers) linking grave records of veterans with their families. WikiTree was showing how people related to Henry VIII of England, at the time. So, we did it, too, for our author: Dr. Frank and Henry VIII. In doing this, we saw many collateral families which opens up more doors.

For instance, of late, we saw how Boris Johnson, of England, relates to some New England families by reading how he maps back to Edward III of England.

There is an endless amount of research to do. We’re looking for helpers to come on board.

Beneath that work is our site. We have blogged about decisions along the way. The main approach has been to be minimal. Turns out that we’re not the only ones seeing this. However, we need to deal with code. That brings us to GitHub which is the focus of the past three posts. We will use that tool for managing our code. And, perhaps, that work will feed into handling content better. We’ll see.

But, for any bit of technology, there are lots of choices which are founded upon alternatives. Heard of AI? Well, we see our TGS work as a means to discuss that topic in a realistic manner. Stay tuned. Essentially, the thrust there is truth engineering, hence we call our site the ‘portal to truth.’ More than audacious? Not really, computationalistic modes will be both our main boon as well as the principal bane going forward. Well, in truth, this has always been a problem; now, we all have to step up to being aware.

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