New blog

We’re now GitHub’ing along. It’s going quite well. GitHub is a popular system that offers software development support, both public and private. The former has been a hit with the Open Source folks. The latter has allowed companies to coordinate better in terms of tools and facilities.

GitHub has added in capability for project management and for collaboration. So, it’s a good tool for us to adapt.

Today, we got a URL going related to the use of GitHUb: This is in a minimal mode until we decide on several options. But, content will still be added as we go along.

We will have a better history, soon, of our efforts to date in the technical sense, plus some rationale for choices so far. And, we have covered a whole lot of content while keeping minimal. It’s time to step forward into other realms, though. All along, there have been frameworks and sellers of such, but we’re looking to roll our own. We’ll see.

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