Gardner’s Beacon, Vol. XIII, No. 1

See GB, XIII, 1.

With respect Gloucester’s 2023 commemoration of the 1623 party, we found out that there was more data with regard to Thomas Gardner, Margaret Fryer and their children. So, there is more research to do. The next issue (GB, XIII, 2) will cover what we know and how to go forward with the corrections that are pending everywhere.

In this version, we look at technology in relation to the history of the U.S. and, in particular, the recent emergence of AI (artificial intelligence). Again, research needs to be done. Lots has already been done. And, there are interests without limit, it seems. Yet, we will weigh in on issues which deal with proving concepts and managing the hype that comes from unmitigated enthusiasm.

Remember, the FED Chair said, in the late 1990s, that the market was showing “undue enthusiam” or something of that nature. Computing, as technology, has its fingers in all of our pies. The ways and means that allowed this to happen will be on the table, too.

In short, there is no absence of motivation.