New site (alpha/beta)

We were looking for a means for delivery (all aspects) and have started to use WordPress, where it fits. This blog will continue for the purpose of having a technical forum with regard to this theme and the many that relate. The first effort will be to publish on-line versions of existing and future documents via this means (same underlying service).

The new site is this:

Under WordPress, we will have our current use of virtual systems that are not of the cloud’d variety. As such we can merge in our own contributions, more easily. This we can discuss. We will use the cloud when necessary. In other words, we will be working an architecture of the future while still staying true to the 400 years of life and experience that pertain to the long list of celebrations to come, with Gloucester next year being in the spotlight. We still have a few months to look further at Weymouth and its history.

Technical subjects will cover the basis outside of content (our other blog). We will be using categories to separate what has been discussed so far. Needless to say, there will be an AIn’t section dealing with advanced computing (John’s domain) and its unreasonable impacts on human life which come from immaturity of various sorts. The issue related to the themes to be addressed are (very) old struggles which have mostly been made worse by computing which is not living up to its promises.

And the promise? Beyond what anyone really has thought of before, in a proper manner, that is. Futurists’ views will be considered, as well, of course. One key issue that we will raise, always? The technical view cannot ever be removed from any situation. It’s like dirty hands which come from actually doing something. Truth engineering will explain. …

… to be continued …

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