Content versus configuration


McLuhan’s little ditty can apply here: The medium is the message. Except, now, one might claim this: The configuration is the content.


Configuration has been of focus, of late. There are many things pending, like user rights.

Too, though, we will get into the philosophy of genealogy, methods, pedigrees, and a lot more.

Note, 06/22/2015: The Truth Engineering aspects will be coming to fore, more often, as we proceed. Note, please, the post from a few days ago¬†about code. We are approaching the point where all rational/aware adults will have to grasp something about the underpinnings of the web/cloud that they have been using willy-nilly (as, how many even know what the providers are up to? …, and a whole lot of similar questions – from an old guy who was there from the beginning – almost).

Note, 09/06/2015: Quora will be a great asset for knowledge depositing.

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