Home, at last

Home, at last? Kidding. Today, I bit the bullet and created a GitHub project for our work: PortalToTruth. The name? While I was building the index by image, I created an image for all of the posts that were in the index. For a comment, I mentioned the ‘portal to truth’ aspect of our minimal site: https://tgsoc.org. So, that seemed to be a good moniker.

The GitHub motivation was a ‘cloud’ oriented version of the old code repository scheme. Looks good. The newer variants go much further, though, than the mere controlling of code for maintenance and history. Now, there are project management aspects, brought forth, in part, by the gig economy that has evolved the past decade.

Too, though, code sharing, via open techniques, is the watchword, today. Beside, being visible, GitHub is a good way for a beginner to get some recognition. I am neither a newbie nor do I need the recognition, but I need help to do some extensions that ought to be minimal, yet powerful. So, we’ll spec those and get them done. However, part of the requirement comes under the ‘biz’ framework, so that has to be done right.

Within the past hour, I’ve started a project and pushed around notices, such as this one. Too, I’ve been planning to tie this project with a couple of others that I am doing and will continue to do. Lately, I looked at Trello.com’s offerings which are interesting from a project management viewpoint. Mainly, that would be where things are discussed and sketched out.

Code, the essence, is what GitHub handles quite well. As mentioned elsewhere, in the discussions on content management (CMS – https://tgsoc.org/demo/demo.html), we have to balance those technical issues with what the technology is trying to support. Content is the message; no, not the media (that’s bosh). There are two different hats with regard to the TGS, Inc. Though, there is a closer tie (overlap) in terms of truth engineering plus working to define the true ‘digital village’ that bridges all of the media.

In essence, lots to do.

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