Minimalism on the web

Our ‘portal to truth‘ has been modified so that a summary text rolls with each load of the page. Right now, there are fifteen little ditties which will grow after the framework is adjusted a little. Two other scrolls were put out there earlier. The index by image is a feature that we’ve been steadily building. It maps now to the TGS blog but will be more general as we go along.

At this site, too, we have an ongoing discussion based upon technical decisions since the beginning. So, we’re at this point again. However, the idea was to get the first cut done of the minimal view.

There’s lots to discuss, but the mobility push made a lot of this more clear. Early on, these devices were mainly little presentation schemes. Now, they’re configured with computers that are more than we had in the early days. Yet, they stink. Unless there is power available, what use are these little guys? Oh, think about that. Improved batteries are not the only solution. We need to rethink the stupid web.

It’s sickening, frankly. I go to page of a major company (say a bank) that I have been dealing with for years and whose website I have used for a long time. What do I see? A silly layout that reminds me of the saying, everything including the kitchen sink.

What motivates this? I’ve watched mobile uses. Scrolling and scrolling. You know, folks, we, at one time, used search to find our ways through the maze of a site and its information. Too, we had page maps.

Of course, there was some agreement like the footers with their branch outs.

Anyway, I will explain our approach further. But, too, we’ll demonstrate. Anyone who wants to help, let me know.

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