Update, of sorts

Our last post was titled “Minimalism on the web” and was from last year. This post is motivated by some findings over the past few months. As mentioned earlier, we have been GitHUb’ing, regularly. And, while reading technical material, we have paid attention to pointers to GitHub. Why? Well, this is an operational technical option that is quite effective. For instance, projects use it. Many ‘open’ activities use it.

And, we found an example that fits right with the minimalism approach that we have been discussing. Project Nayuki’s ‘Web site notes‘ post provides details (see section titled ‘The site itself’ for an explanation on the hand-code choice). This blog started in 2014 with discussions about ‘content management‘ and hard choices. There is some detail on this at our portal to truth: Technology and practice. On a regular basis, we have made step-wise progress. We are at this point, again, hence the interest in Git’Hub the past few months.

Project Nayuki’s main developer has covered a lot of software topics including offering algorithms for math problems as well as discussing issues related to computing. He completed Comp Sci work from 2007 to 2012 and has deposited lots of pertinent material on GitHub. Not only did the demonstration of grasping ‘minimal’ concerns catch my interest, but there is sufficient attention given to truth. Lots to discuss.

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