Content creation versus management

In the context of managing content (and producing it, to boot), I have looked at various approaches.

A couple of years ago, I was using OfficeLive, nicely provided for free by MS, which had some nice tools. I can explain, eventually. For now, let me just say that when I went over to another web provider (as OfficeLive* went bye bye), I looked at the methods.

Know what? I’m an old guy who has done software far beyond the life spans of a lot of the current developers. One thing that I noticed was that the database was a tool applied too much. We’ll get to that, too.

So, having been using mark up languages way before HTML, I fell back to my late 1990s mindset to transition the website (Thomas Gardner Society, Inc.). Again, know what? This has worked for a couple of years, but I want to step it up a notch. And, I went back to review some of the approaches. The front page at the site has a couple examples.

None appealed, not even WordPress. Until. The other day I saw the Showcase at the .org site. And, it was impressive to see who has been using the software. So, I’m going in that direction.

First, though, I thought that I would come here and get familiar with the approaches that are used. I have WordPress installed at the site where I’ll do the work, but it is definitely in need of work.

Unfortunately, the approach here and there are not that similar. But, I’ll do.

Now, a general thought, after looking at Codecademy’s little site. It’s wonderful, given the interpretative approach. I hope that it grows.

Anyway, it’s nice to do HTML (if you have a contextual editor). And, CSS is nice. But, then you need some type of Framework unless you want to build your own. That is the point. If you’re young and close to the machine, and have the time, then you can play all you want with code. However, to work in the realms that we called domain, you cannot be bogged down with the details of what is going on.

Having said that, it’s not nice for techies to think that they own what the domain person is doing. Nor is it right (in the sense that the Magna Charta established, okay?) for the techies to mess with what the domain person is doing without their knowledge. But, what can we do in this age of the freebie (let it all hang out world)?

If this is not clear, we can go over it again, using other concepts. In the meantime, though, I need to get off on producing; after all, the end of time if closer for me than for many who are doing this stuff.

* (05/22/2014) ASP based


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