Decisions, decisions

Today, I played with a couple of things that pertain to this effort, as in how to do, rather than what to do.

At Codecademy’s site, I have gone through most of the lessons (it’s fun, but, too, we need a code-related Magna Charta). I mentioned that I liked the interpreter, but under it is just the browser’s capability. That is, with a good editor, one can do just as well without the Codecademy interface. Yet, one is starting from scratch without buying into supporting systems, like frameworks. And, whom does one trust?¬†You know, I have seen decades of people doing their own since it was, by definition, better (ah, managers hate that).

So, the problem here is how to update this thing that is organized by tables (see prior post). Notice the little behavior associated with hover. I must say that I have not watched closely and had figured, until today (of course, I have seen this time and again, but domain work pulls one from appreciating such), that one needed javascript (like back in my day, okay?). So, given CSS, can I reconfigured this site to be more clean (for instance, notice the little images in the cell playing the function of buttons – this can be done by CSS – I only did four of the pages)? Also, one can do shapes using CSS (example, pretty buttons).

On the other hand, I started to re-monkey with WordPress (see TE site). I just say, that seeing the Showcase was nice. Too, after dealing with Joomla (too much code) and Concrete5 (doesn’t seem to be as intuitive as WordPress to me), working in WordPress looks to be fairly straightforward.

So, I’ll do both of these: play with HTML/CSS and do WordPress. Which will give me the best result that I can do (given time and other constriants)?

I ran across this site (CSS-tricks), again, today that is sponsored by treehouse. Earlier, I had run across this button maker demo.

In essence, the above discussion revolves around being parametric, or not. Some feel that such is the way to go, due to flexibility and more. Too, this approach makes heavy use of the database. So, we can talk oodles of jobs.

However, there are times with more structure is needed. Perhaps, it’s more clear to someone older than not. But, it’s like the issue of bias (wait, there are many connotations – actually it is a sign of intelligent pruning, many times).

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