Links, and more

Way back in the beginning, you could find people’s lists on the web. Some were just plain text; others used tables to arrange things a little better.

CSS, of course, was an attempt to allow more flexibility (for one thing). I, just now, went to search in its history and found several useful sites. I’ll collect these here (expect more to be added through time).

First off, though, as I browsed some of these sites that would be of interest to web designers, I found a wide range of looks and feels. The main thing for this old guy was seeing stuff using older techniques. For one thing, the browser are finally getting up to the standard (an age-old computer problem:  cowboys rush off to new things; the standards trail behind; at some point, there needs to be a convergence.

So, we’ll start with three links.

History (last updated in 2003 – or thereabouts) – Brief history of CSS

Look, Ma, no tables, et al (again, old, but it does show simple examples of placement) – glish on CSS

Finally, shapes (this is new, with a blog post of only a few days ago) – A list apart on CSS and more

Other links will below. In regard to that last list, it’s nice to see progress. And, talking of shape is right down my alley (computational support for design). The games software has really progressed (haven’t looked for a few years, but recently did a quick look) in terms of handling shapes, movement, et al. There is no end of interesting things to look at.

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