CSS plus

As the prior post suggested, I was leaning toward WordPress and/or CSS. And, so, I have been playing with both.

For WordPress, we will have our own blog (now under here and blogspot.com). Too, though, the extent of users, and their work, shown via the Showcase is impressive.

But, why not have both? So, I found this nice little CSS site (webdesignerwall) with an example of a gradient button. In fact, the site is run on WordPress, so that was serendipitous.

Here is my first example: the first HTML page with the buttons plus a hover behavior defined for “a” types. Picking any of the buttons will bring up a page with the older buttons. History of that? Two years ago, I was using Office Live with buttons from a design tool. When I decided to go back to the older methods from my prior work, I but those into images and kludged the menu which has worked till now.

Next up, I’ll try the layout scheme. As you can see, the HTML approaches uses tables.

Side-note: I was working in programming graphical presentations (3D, to boot) way back when we had to worry about hidden lines and clipping (this, by the way, implies geometry, to boot, as in solving problems related to shape and behavior). Things have come a long way. It’s nice to see power of CSS given the small footprint (comparatively). So, it’ll be interesting to explore what’s behind this newer (parametric) approach.


05/13/2014 — Collection of supporting sites: w3schools, …

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