Button work in progress

Thanks to those who teach, I got a huge start on the button modification today. Didn’t take long once the decisions about color and shape were made. There are two pages left to do pending a decision about a nesting method.

Now, given today’s exposure, CSS looks interesting. I want to move from tables to the layout approach. But, there are uses for tables. So, I’m looking forward to getting the button work (you see, it’s a functioning site – so, maintenance completing to executable-ness is imperative) done so that I can move ahead.

But, I might get sidetracked. I ran across this article on CSS and shapes (I’ll keep some links). As I mentioned before, I have been doing graphics (which, by the way, implies geometry and more) for a long while.

See the header as an example. If I can do that without resulting to Javascript (or the like) and can just use HTML/CSS, I will be impressed.

Aside:  One might wonder why all of this. Why not just buy a developer’s package? Why not go with a template? All sorts of questions arise. Well, see TE, for one thing. It’s everyone’s right. Too, how many 72-year olds can do this? But, let’s be serious. Throughout my whole career (working with computational mathematics, etc.), there was always the adage of re-rolling the thing. Why? What software is perfect? Besides, if you look under the kimono, a lot of stuff is ugly? Okay, the likes of Google were adamant about style, technique, for their workers. But, even with that, it would be interesting to see their code. But, then, too, don’t limit this discussion in any type of way, as the computational (all sorts) has been (your noggin computes, for instance) and will continue to be central to human affairs. … Consider, please: can you believe, and it’s 2014, that the auto industry cannot put out computational assists for cars in a safe and secure manner? You know, if you pay attention, that recalls seem to be growing  that are related to some failure for computer (both hardware and software) people not doing their job correctly?

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