Catching up

With the proliferation of technological toys that never seems to end, one has to query about the whys and hows of all of this. And, perhaps even more needs to be questioned. All of these toys have, as an underpinning, wasteful modes that are not sustainable in the long run.

The whole concept of minimal has been lost. One even sees the religious now with the mobile device tied to the palm of their hand. Saw a video of a young woman fainting (due to circumstances that were more than she could bear) yet holding up the device (expensive little thing, as it is now) in a protective mode.

Lots more needs to be discussed. The last post here was back in the early times, before the shock of the lock down. Then, there were little relaxations allowing larger reactions and such. While a virus lurked in the background, being reported in the media, but actually appearing in the backyard of very few. However, everyone felt the slowdowns and the rise of the related uncertainties.

Silly valley became even more intrusive in our lives, where ‘real’ life was curtailed (social disctance’d and masked) leading many to emphasize digitally-enhanced modes. Lots and lots to discuss.

So, we are now past the end of spring and almost to the end of summer. What happened? Well, we have notes, both those facilitated by the digital modes and those of the writing modes learned decades ago (even that leading to script’d abilities).

There have been regular posting to the blogs with corresponding changes to the website. But, the modifications being seen in the world have been much more than are apparent via casual observation. We might say that silly valley had it right with the blog function. That never had the associated frenzy as one see with twit-ville or i-see-me-gram and the others.

So much. We will be addressing lots of issues while demonstrating benefits of the minimal.

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