Caught up

Last time, there were thoughts of catching up. Well, it’s done. The main change is that now I see that the little guys are no longer phones as the old guy remembers them. That whole function has been downsized to a small card that can go between the little guys, almost promiscuously.

So now, we see that the phone aspect has been reconfigured so that a laptop with the comm card (by carrier) is almost equivalent with a phone with its little thing (can’t remember right now, but SIM comes to mind). I talked about having no such card and just using the little thing with wifi (whatever else might be available); after all, VOIP alternatives would allow phoning look-alikes.

It’s truly a matter of size and power and a few more things. And, I can emulate the little guy on the larger one. Hence, the solution, for now, is to get a 14″ (so the old guy can have something to handle) with touch screen and then let the various views all simultaneously act (simulation, of course, yet effectively). Naturally, this is not as if there were the same thing going on (it’s a matter of essence), but it will be sufficiently close.

Anyway, we’ll get the portal modified with newer information and comments and also get to work so as to be interactively modal.

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