We just registered a shorter URL for ourselves: This will make emailing simpler.

The format is simple HTML/CSS with a little JavaScripting. We will be bringing in more scripting as we work in functionality for membership, registered reading, and such.

Recently, we met and agreed to keep with our own VM (rental) rather than use the cloud. Of course, the blog and FB are still cloud.

We are working on the next issue of The Gardner Annals. One feature will be The Massachusetts Magazine. We’ll go over Volumes VI through XI.

Notes (starting 06/02/2017): Lately, ads have started to appear. They are not on the roll but at the end of post. Hence, apologies for this short post. I looked at it yesterday and almost fell out of my chair (as we do not have ads anywhere but here). We could pull this under the VM as we have WordPress there.

List of things to do (no more posts until we figure the ad strategy – too, they are at the bottom, so most of the prior posts will not show any).

  1. Redefine directory (for example, drop html subdirectory).
  2. Move PDF (various) under




—- footer —-



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