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This was written at the old site: ThomasGardnerofSalem.wordpress.com prior to the movement of the old posts to the new site. The theme of technology will continue.

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We’re in the process of starting up WP at our site. The technical blog will move there. This content will be archived. When done, we’ll leave a “404” handler here to point to the new area on our site.

Our new focus is working a minimal eCommerce (or eBiz) framework to meet our specifications. Right now, looking at CubeCart in order to get familiar with the various approaches so that we can talk options.

We will use DevLog (at our new site) to help keep current information available about the progress plus the continuing work that never ends. This technical view will roll into the main blog, of course, however with a separation of content (TGS, Inc. mission) and configuration (all of those things that are imperative but get ignored – such as? infrastructure that is in disarray due to our chasing rainbows and unicorns).

At the DevLog, find a pointer to our changes over the years plus motivations (TGSoc discussions). Just yesterday, I listened to an expert on security (FBI) touting that complexity leads to easy misuse. Oh yes, confirmed this approach which has slowly been unfolding for a few years now. Anyone interested can help.

We’re non-profit, chase rainbows but will never seek unicorns.

Later note. Started to look at moving from one to the other. And, was starting to sync the customization and lost track of the theme here. We’ll see if I can find it.

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