Thomas Gardner, and Margaret Fryer,1 had nine children of which eight had progeny. All got through their first year and beyond.2 Let's look at another three of these: Richard, Samuel, and Miriam.3
    Richard Gardner (c. 1620s), born in England or at Cape Ann, was with his parents in Salem (Naumkeag); later, he moved to Nantucket, with his brother John. He married Sarah Shattuck.4 W.C. Folger wrote: The Gardner family have always been reckoned among the First Families of the Island. Richard and Capt. John, exercised much influence in the community here while they lived and they died respected.5 
    Samuel Gardner (c. 1620s), born in Salem, has many mentions in the town's records with regard to civic and church duties. His wife, Mary White, was a step-sibling of the Corwins of Witch Trial infamy. Samuel owned the land that included the Gardner burial plot. Dr. Frank is his descendant.
    Miriam Gardner (c. 1630s) was born in Salem and married John Hill who was born in Bristol, England. John Hill owned land in Salem and Beverly.6 
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