Quora plus

The absence of posts does not indicate lack of activity. The past three months have been oriented toward getting acquainted with, and using, Quora (more below).

The past week, I prototype’d a change to a website for a D.A.R. Chapter using the HTML/CSS framework with just a little Javascripting for the last update date. Right now, the demo is at the TGS site: beta/demo. This will move to the State’s website, after review.

I see this as parametric in scope with a set structure. On the other side of the spectrum would be the full-blown use of code re-writing that is built upon a database. We’ll get to that, at some point (but, not without some discussion of the whys and wherefores).

On Quora, there have been several posts related to the theme of the TGS, Inc. The following is a brief list.






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