To code or not to code

Last year, about this time, I was looking to reconfigure the Thomas Gardner Society, Inc. site, a little. The theme of that work was a continuation of discussions related to “Content versus configuration.” I started the site in 2010 using a packaged deal from a major play who took away our playground a few years later.

At that point, I reverted the site back to HTML only, mainly due to the research and publication focus. So, after much review to get up to date, after being involved with the real world for awhile, I decided that HTML/CSS would do the trick, for now. Think of the approach as being parametrics in action.

But, at some point, one has to get to code (several different types and layers to talk about). And, that will be my next step.

Code has been mentioned a few times. Here are a couple of examples: Does code matter?, Made w/ Code. Today, I ran across this look at code, by Paul Ford, that is sponsored by Bloomberg Business: What is Code? The presentation is like a Coding 101 and includes looks at related subjects, such as Circuitry, Input/Output, Hardware/Software, Algorithm, Languages, etc. Later, there are some examples of coding, testing, and such. Actually, there are little stories throughout. Too, a bot bounces around with some relevant (it thinks?) messages.

Finally, there is the question of whether one ought to learn coding. Evidently, jobs and benefits can accrue to those who bite the bullet and become technically astute, thus.

Note, 06/22/2015: This whole bit of discussion deals with more than genealogy, or any other of the myriads of disciplines that might use computational resources. We can take it all the way back (and, Thomas Gardner will play, as tabla raza, in the discourse) to our philosophical underpinnings.

Note, 09/06/2015: Quora will be a great asset for knowledge depositing.

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