Made w/ Code

Google is sponsoring a site that is interesting: Made w/ Code Google. So, go over there, to that Google site, and read some important messages.

See the FAQ about their use of Blockly (a web-based, graphical programming editor) which is a nice touch. I often wonder what happened to things like Live Model (one of many examples; essentially, interfaces that allow system building through interactive diagrams) that allows one to get from the nuisance of code (yes, guys, that statement is by design and can be discussed further).

The TGS, Inc. site deals principally with historical/genealogical topics, however we are in a transition mode where technological issues are foremost. The technology of today is much different than that available to our forebears. Yet, we’re mostly the same people (memes issue might come into play here; we’ll get back to that).

So, we have been looking a web stuff, in part. As well, that brings up code (see Does code matter?) which ought to be of more interest that it is. People seem to have let the wizards have their day and way (seeĀ Wake up, people, it’s your right).

But is a whole lot more to think about than code, though one will still have one’s hands in the stuff. Truth engineering is one basis that has had less attention than it ought.

To wit: being down so long (with its secondary offerings – say, myfamily — being out for days).

Now, back to girls and coding. In my long years of working, I had cohorts that were female who were quite adept with computational matters. At the same time, these cohorts ran a gamut that guys usually don’t understand (or experience). In a sense, though there may be some issues related to Sheryl’s efforts, she is right on some of the gender matters.


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