We hear a lot about the cloud? What exactly is that? Opaque sink for data which can be used by whomever can obtain access (even if they have no right to the data)? A way for management to get something for nothing (their main objective, it seems) while impairing safety? That topic will continue to be of interest.

Code? We hear a lot about that, too. Code having some meaning in and of itself? Much to discuss there.

This month, ACM Communications (Vol. 57, No. 6) has an article titled: Cyber-Physical Testbeds. This is just a brief mention of an important topic. With the coming Internet of things, the issues here will be of even more importance.

We touched upon the topic about four years ago, in another context. So, the interest is there, especially when biological computing (one of many examples) is brought into the discourse.


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