Programming languages

We like to follow the IEEE yearly survey: Top Programming Languages 2022. Python leads with the three Cs right after. But, the three Cs grouped far outweigh Python. They have three reports (buttons on top). For “Jobs”, SQL is tops. For “Trending”, we see Lisp holding its own along with Haskell and Julia.

We have to quote this: although it’s worth noting that in some quarters, the cool thing is now deliberately stripped-down static sites built with just HTML and simple CSS.

Our portal is such with a 2017 start ( In the review, there is a link to an article that discusses the motivations as well as the techniques. Ours, basically, was that j/h/s was powerful enough to be interesting. Since we made our choice (pre-GitHub), we see lots of examples now of the use of JavaScript, including 3D modeling and other numeric approaches.

But, simple is good as this page shows: This Week’s Finds.