The purpose of the Society1 can be summarized as follows:
    (a) to establish and to maintain a persistent presence in order to honor the accomplishments of the Cape Ann party (1623/24)2 lead by Thomas Gardner; to promote, and to sponsor, scholarly research of a cultural, biographical, historical and genealogical nature, with an emphasis on, but not limited to, the origins and the lives of New England immigrants; to provide means for, and to foster, discussion, and dissemination of, information on those themes; to publish materials periodically and as necessary;

    (b) to encourage participation by, and interaction of, Thomas Gardner descendants through Society membership; to extend the published works of Frank A. Gardner MD (using modern publication means); to establish, and to document, views based upon timeline date obtained from descendants and other studies; and

    (c) to sponsor the scholastic efforts of men, women, and children in the context of a continuing educational process. 3

1. Website: thomasgardnersociety.org
    (Gardner's Beacon, Annals/Research)
2. See Cape Ann, Retrospective.
3. Incorporation papers for the
    Thomas Gardner Society, Inc.

Contributor: Gardner Research
Future: GitHub'ing

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