ToDo list and more

We have started a renovation project which will consist of several phases. Each of the web sites has an image about this. We started to discuss various themes, such as motivation: Renovation, plus. One of these is that we’re in our 10th year and working on the 2nd issue of Volume IX of Gardner’s Beacon. Over this time, we have learned a lot. We can summarize what we know, say about Thomas and Margaret, which, then, gets the discussion going about what we need to be trying to learn.

A whole lot of research has been done over the past century or so. We would like to find out about all of that, even when it might have gone down wrong tracks. Some we have run across, already.

We started a FAQ for Gardner information.

Let’s start a ToDo list. This one has a technical focus.

  • – This site is in the process of being developed. We have blogged the work done so far, such as the use of html/css/js as the basis for minimalism. There are several ways to go, however some easy steps such as scolling the ‘annals’ text can be accomplished.
  • Publications – So far, we have used Word and a PDF writer. For web presentation, we would used a different approach. Another bit of work deals with on-line access which would be driven by a ‘biz’ process.
  • ‘biz’ – Which would be oriented toward the busyness aspects of our organization. We have looked at several options. A good decision would be driven by the non-profit motive of the organization.
  • ‘tech’ – Right now, this blog via WordPress is under this directory. We could have more there.

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