The Gardner Annals

This is our third volume with only one issue, however it is twice the size of the other issues. So, page count is the same. The content is more toward status than before, as there is a lot of ongoing research.

See this post for the Table of Contents: The Gardner Annals, Vol. III, No. 1. In summary, the topics were Whence Gardner, Westward Migration, The Massachusetts Magazine, Magna Carta, and About Genes.

The last one was the topic of our last post (Genome and more). This time, we look at the theme of an article in the Communications of the ACM (Association for Computing Machines). The ACM is an old organization dating from the origins of attempting to compute via electronics.

The article: Sex as an Algorithm: The Theory of Evolution Under the Lens of Computation.

Thankfully, the article is available in full text, so no on-line account at the ACM is required. There is some discussion in the TGA. For now, let’s end with a quote from the article.

Gene: A unit of heredity and a region of the DNA that encodes a functional product. It is thought that humans have more than 20,000 of these. However, now that coding is known to be far more complex than originally thought, it is no longer clear how to define these units and their boundaries.

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