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Today, the thomasgardnersociety.org web site is not available. The service provider put out a message on their status page, but there is not time stamp (what is with that webhostinghub?). Too, I noticed the outage about noon CST. It is not 5:51 pm CST, and the site is down. There were supposed to be regular updates of information, but we are talking almost six hours.

What makes the vendor think that he can just pull a cloak over our eyes? Now, someone asked, did I call them? No, they admitted publicly that there has been some problem. Also, consider this story.

They had an outage in June, 2014. That lapse was lengthy, too.

I called to find out what happened. At that time, I was told that it was a server error (disk). Of course, having been in computing since the 70s, I wanted to know more. Do you think that the would be forthcoming? No, the explanation of the young guy was that it was proprietary. Okay.

Now, this blog deals with technical things, related to genealogy and a lot more. So, expect that we will be weighing in with questions, comments, etc.

I gave them a break last time, as in that same month ancestry.com and more went down. It was said that hackers were trying to get even with ancestry.com’s parent organization for pulling the plug on the family site (and another). Be that as it may, if ancestry.com could have a lapse that we all had to live with, why not the little ISP?



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