Gardner’s Beacon

Current issue: Vol. XIII, No. 1 (general format – links back to the print version).

Past issues: Vol. XII, No. 1, Vol. XII, No. 2, Vol. XII, No. 3.

We have published Gardner’s Beacon since 2011 and have followed the same format which emphasized reading by browser plus having a print file available. Recently, our new issue (GB, XII, 2) added a format which is generally readable to support mobile and other means. We will use both methods.


In the prior mode, we provided an image for reading plus a PDF for print. Each issue had a post in the TGSoc blog with pointers to additional material, such as Sources. With our last issue, we started to embed pointers in the PDF which allow easier access to additional material than trying to point to the Sources page. Too, using PDF went along with our notion that printing is a method to provide a structural framework at a particular time. Adding the advanced technique of linking from this structure was a real benefit. So, we started to go back and update former issues. That is, we had added pointers by context to the text which then went into the PDF.

Our intent is modify the print file for all issues. At the same time, we will now provide access to the mobile version.

The following Table shows the current status of the edits. Issues from recent years have been updated (to having a PDF with links). We are working on the prior years. For Volume XII, both Issues point to the new format.

The modified issues have links to the new PDF file. Issues back through 2018 are done as are some of the earlier issues.