Content versus configuration

Context: see TGSoc discussion

01/20/2019 -- Look at the footer handling. The other day, we put the 'search' button on that brings up a Google service. This search, now, goes against with the purpose of building an index to our publications. Then, we got registered with Google non-profit. Bringing in snippets changes the game. To now, the pages were like an interactive book. That meme will continue in part. We will have some things dynamic in order to support our activities. However, the major configuration will be HTML/CSS/Javascript until we have converted away static coded. This portal will be our initial tryout and release framework. Later, we'll have a sandbox to allow others to contribute to the coding and administration effort (again, Linux and NoSQL - naturally, now, the 'No' means 'no' until we bring in SQL - which we did momentarily, before). So, the footer has been changed from 'document.write' to using elements and 'innerHTML' (until we see some clear choice between that and the modify method). Next up will be releasing the 'image index' code that uses JavaScript. Then, we will be changing the menu bar (left) to use JavaScript. See next note about the images (these old trials left here so that we can write about the approaches looked at).

01/03/2019 -- See Home (main page) for example of using JavaScript (NoSQL, sense) to build the image list. We will use that as the new basis and change the below.