Thomas Gardner and Margaret Fryer Gardner
1 arrived, with other families, at Cape Ann in 1623/24 for the purpose of establishing a colony whose goal was to ship foodstuff back to England.2 Our Society studies each of the families, as well as concentrating on Thomas and Margaret who had nine children all of whom had offspring except for Joseph who died in the Peaquot war.3 We are working on documenting the generations after Thomas and Margaret until 1900. Besides the genealogy, we have a cultural and historic focus in our work. Of their children, one son, Samuel, had a descendant who did research to support the 300th celebration that occurred 100 years ago.4 Dr. Frank was an active physician in the Salem, MA area. Too, he was a Major and Surgeon with the Salem Light Infantry. Also, Dr. Frank wrote two books on Gardner genealogy and published The Massachusetts Magazine for which he wrote a monograph for Regiments that were at the Siege of Boston at the outbreak of the War of American Independence.5

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