One focus of the Society is the Cape Ann crew of Thomas Gardner1 that arrived in the 1623/24 time frame. Prior to that, there were other sites with activity: Plymouth (1620), Provincetown (1620), and Weymouth (1622).2 After Gloucester (Cape Ann), we can list Chelsea (1624), Quincy (1625), Salem (1626), Charleston (1628), Lynn (1629), Saugus (1629), Manchester-by-the-Sea (1629), and Marblehead (1629).3 All of these were prior to the arrival of John Winthrop in 1630.4 In 2008, Executive Order No. 502 established a Commission to plan the commerative activities.5 A recent meeting in Salem at the Hawthorne Hotel brought together the planners from several of the cities.6

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